09/23/23 KQWST SHOP has been able to donate 100.00 to www.mlkhumanityproject.com 


In light of selling 5 of the 20 pieces of art from the silent art auction / fundraiser, KQWST SHOP and IntegriTea have decided to extend the event until May 13th 2023. Please feel free to drop by IntegriTea anytime at 717 Marin Street Vallejo, California to make bids on AVALIABLE art.  

All pieces avaliable to bid on except #1 #5 #6 #7 & #9, all of which were bid on at the opening event. Much gratitude and appreciation to those folks who show up and showed out, doing something really special for you community. 

A closer event will take place on Saturday May 13th, 2023. Further details to come, right here!  


IntegriTea is community art space in beautiful downtown Vallejo, California. They help to put on monthly events for locals, giving underground and grassroots vibes. If you wanna know what us regular folks in the community are interested in, check out what’s happening at IntegrTea! 

KQWST SHOP has held several events there and so have our friends. We go there to view art, listen to music and participate in drum circles. To hold classes and share ideas. We go to IntegriTea to mediate, do yoga, drink tea, educate and learn. IntegriTea is a place where you can share new ideas and is a safe space to celebrate. IntegriTea is the home of the “free creative spirit” in Vallejo and should be protected and cared for it. There are greatly needed repairs at IntegriTea and desires to refurbish the space. 

 KQWST SHOP is asking local artist if they can donate one piece of art with $25.00 value, any size. We will hold a silent auction and see if we can get IntegriTea some funds to help. So far we have 14 artist that have confirmed to donate a piece of art to go up for auction. 

Thank you to confirmed contributing artists: 

Leo Rodas

Lorenzo Crockett

Laura Navarro

Sally McFlores

David Whisler

Evie Macalino 

Sandi McFadden 

Alexa J Kern

Alyssa Gayton 

Ricardo Cormier

Holly King

Verlannia Manchester

Jean Cherie

Bill Bloom Ceramics

Indian Delights from Chai Bazaar

For this event we will have Belly Dancing / Indian Disco / Indian food, and maybe more!! If you have any ideas or would like to help contact KQWST SHOP @ trdjkk14@gmail.com